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Kool Aid Dyeing


I took a stab at dyeing yarn with Kool Aid. I used grape Kool Aid. I started with 12 packets of Kool Aid for 300 grams/1360yds of yarn. Here is a before picture:

The first dye round was lighter than I wanted and too tonal. I wanted a pretty solid saturation. So I did a second dye with 15 packets of Kool Aid…why 15? They were 5/$1. I like to keep things simple! This time it turned out great. It still had the tonal effect but was deeper purple! I love it…see:

I a very happy and can’t wait to get started on this:


Writing patterns is…


Time consuming! I cannot believe how hard it is to write knitting patterns. The details, each row, charts, adjustments, sizes, etc…Kudos to all the knit designers out there. All that to say I have knit 3 original sock patterns that I have not posted because I am bogged down in the task of writing. Any hints out there? If you are a knit pattern designer please share your tips and short cuts? For an amateur what software would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help. Now I am off to knit Mathilde by Debbie Bliss 🙂

Getting Started


I have been knitting for about 5 or so years now. I come from a long line of fabric and yarn artists. My grandmother was a seamstress, knitter, weaver, and crocheter, my mom followed suit and now all I have left to learn is weaving. Recently a friend gave me Barbara Walker’s 1st and 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns and I am inspired to create some of my own patterns. I have knitted just about every type of garment there is but my first love is knitting socks. They are intricate, quick and elegant to wear. I currently am working on my first design and will post pictures and instructions asap! They are called Seed and Cable socks (I need to work on more creative names but it’s a start). Hope you enjoy!