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Therapeutic knitting


In my non-knitting world I am a therapist. I often encourage people to find things to do or engage in that energizes them, and is separate from work. An escape…in a good way. When people ask me what I do to care for myself, especially after a particularly difficult client day, I say I knit…and now I design. There is something about knitting that brings peace to my life. What I am realizing is that throughout my day I need to balance my right and left brain. I need to stay calm and focus amidst the chaos of life and I need to tap into my creative brain to help bring solutions to a family in need. This means I need to keep both my right, creative brain and my left, thinking brain well exercised in addition to my body and soul. Knitting exercises my creativity and the beauty I see in the world…and sometimes the pain that often emerges into the beauty. Knitting is a way I nurture my soul too…no I don’t worship knitting although to an untrained “eye” it may seems so 😉 I often knit when I pray, meditate and worship. While I learn and engage in my faith community I knit and as I look back on the things I knit it reminds me of the stories of worship I was engaging in…also for a mind that wanders knitting helps me stay focused on the here and now moments of life! For instance, a good chunk of the knitting done on Branching Off was done at Convergence, a gathering of women leaders in the Jesus followers faith. Every time I wear these socks I am reminded of the fabulous women of Convergence, the pain of the female journey in Christendom, and the hope of change and energy from women who abide in Him. Knitting is more than a craft, more than a product produced or gift given…knitting is therapeutic!

Branching Off


This one was fun to create and knit! It was an easy pattern to memorize and I loved how long they ended up. That’s the main reason I love toe up socks…I just keep knitting until they are as tall as the yardage allows! I need to weave some elastic into the cuff so they stay up better but that’s it!

Pattern PDF  Branching Off

Corrected PDF (added yardage and total skeins used ) 3/21/2010 Branching Off revised